Friday, March 20, 2009

What is your favorite Quote?

Ok we want to know what your favorite Twilight Quote is. Personally my(Maya's) favorite has to be "You are my life now" or "Take care of my heart, I left it with you" or something Edward said. We want to know what you think!


Look! Kristen Stewart has a new movie! Check out this pic from Kennywood. I've been there and know exacty where she is.

Twilight Movie Trailer


watch this..... it's the twilight movie trailer!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Moon Warewolves

Taylor Lautner: Jacob Black New Moon Warewolves! YAY!
Chaske Spencer: Sam Uley
Tyson Houseman: Quil Ateara
Alex Meraz: Paul
Kiowa Gordon: Embry Call
Bronson Pelletier: Jared
Tinsel Korey: Emily

Twilight is out tomorrow!

We want to know if YOU r going to buy Twilight tomorrow. Be sure to mention if your going to the release party. We're going to buy it..but unforch, not going to the release party so we want to know what it's like so fill us is everyone!
Maya & Ashley

New Moon

Hey Twilighters! We have some deets about new moon! first it's coming out on November 21st 2009! to all of you on Team jacob...Taylor Lautner WILL be playing Jacob. YAY! Enjoy! we want to know what you think of the logo so comment back!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Contacting Us

You can contact us with any question u have or anything really in general..... u can email us @

Tell us ur fave scene from Twilight

Do u like Kristen Stewart as Bella?

so kristen... good or bad bella?

Bella: Hawt or nawt??

We want to know if ur a bella lover or not so much.

Hey Twilighters!


This is a site for all u crazed twilight fans. You can be a team edwarder or team jacober...we welcome all! So start leaving comments for everything twilight you want to know.