Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Father

Guess What!!! Cam Gigandet (the guy who plays james) just became a father!!! Wouldn't it be weird to watch ur dad be a gross vampire, suck blood, break somenes leg, get his head ripped off??? yeah pretty werid!!

Maya & Ashley

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Comments have been fixed!

You can leave comments on the newer posts, again! The older ones that it isn't letting u leave comments on u will have 2 email us ur comments! Enter those to win prizes!!!!

Ashley and Maya

Comments #2

We r working hard 2 fix the comment problem... if u have comments for some of the posts that don't give u the choice 2 comment... email us @ we will post the comments u send us on a new post!!!!!!!!!! Also email us w/ questions!!!!!

Robert Pattinson's Birthday

Robert Pattinsons Birthday is May 13th!! Whoever can tell us what his birth year is 1st.... can possibly win a prize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leave comments w/ ur email! If comments r being weird and not letting u leave them, then email us @!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Biggest Twilight Fan

We want to know y u think ur the biggest twilighter eva!!!! so u can leave comment telling us y ur the biggest twilighter. If it won't let u leave a comment send us an email @ Thanks!!!
Maya & Ashley
P.S there might be a prize if u win... but we need a cirtain number of people to give away the prize so tell everyone about it!!!


We aren't exactly sure y u guys can't leave comments on the newer blogs! We can't add polls or anything right now.... and we're not sure y!!! We will let u guys know when everything is fixed again with the blog!

Keep commenting on the other blogs though!

Ashley & Maya