Saturday, May 16, 2009

Midnight Sun ?!?!?!?

Rumors had been said that Stephenie Meyer WASN'T finishing writing Midnight Sun.

Others said that it was coming out this month.

What I heard FROM STEPHENIE MEYER, that Midnight Sun was being put on hold, because she is too upset right now to write about it.

I know this is upsetting... but, we don't want James to kill all the cullens do we?

Which, is what she said would happen if she wrote Midnight Sun right now!

As supporters of twilight, summit entertainment, Stephenie Meyer, and others that helped make twilight what it is now, i will not read the rough draft that stephenie meyer has posted for all to read. also as a twilight supporter i like to leave stephenie meyer encouraging things to make her feel better!

we all want her to finish writing Midnight Sun, but if we want it to be any good she has to take the time to write it so that it is good. We all have to support Stephenie with her decisions! Would we like it if Eclipse wasn't made into a movie?

the twilight saga needed its supporters to get where it is right now, and now it needs those same supporters to get the 5th book out!

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